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Digital Self Paced Trainings

Make more from your investments than the cost of our course within 12 months or
Money-Back Guaranteed


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Elligible for our Money-Back Guarantee

Online digital training

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Investing 101

Result: Know where and how to invest your first dollar
Duration: 90 minutes
Knowledge Required: None

Elligible for our Money-Back Guarantee

Budgeting 101

Result: Know how to create a budget that's actually fun
Duration: 35 minutes
Knowledge Required: None

Debt Reduction 101

Result: Know how to prioritize and reduce debt loads
Duration: 45 minutes
Knowledge Required: None

Tax Planning 101

Result: Know how to optimize and plan tax returns
Duration: 45 minutes
Knowledge Required: None

Getting a Raise 101

Result: Know what and how to plan for the conversation of asking for a raise
Duration: 30 minutes
Knowledge Required: None

Retirement Planning 101

Result: Know how to plan for their dream retirement
Duration: 20 minutes
Knowledge Required: None

Money-Back Guarantee

If you follow our model for 12 months and are unable to make more with your investments than the course cost you. We will give you your money back. What have you got to lose?Our digital training program on investing is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the world of investing successfully. We stand behind the effectiveness of our program and offer a Money-Back Guarantee to ensure your satisfaction and confidence in applying what you've learned.Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for our Money-Back Guarantee, you must meet the following criteria:
1. Proof of Purchase: You must have purchased our digital training program on investing directly from our official website. Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase.2. Completion of the Program: You must have completed the entire digital training program, including all modules. Proof of completion may be required.3. Application of Learned Strategies: You must demonstrate that you have actively applied the strategies, techniques, and knowledge learned from our program in your investing activities over a period of one year following the completion of the program.4. Lack of Financial Gains: Despite applying the knowledge and strategies from our program, if you have not earned back at least the amount equivalent to the cost of purchasing our digital training within one year, you may be eligible for a refund. The strategy does require you to save and invest $250 per month into a Traditional IRA or RRSP.Claim Process
1. Submission of Claim: To initiate a claim under this guarantee, you must contact our support team via email at [[email protected]] within 13 to 15 months from the date of purchase. Your email should include your full name, proof of purchase, proof of program completion, and a detailed explanation of how you applied the learned strategies without earning back the program's cost.
2. Review Process: Upon receiving your claim, our team will review your submission to verify its eligibility based on the criteria outlined above. We may request additional documentation or evidence to support your claim.3.Refund Issuance: If your claim is approved, we will process your refund within 30 days of approval. Refunds will be issued to the original payment method used at the time of purchase.Limitations

  • This guarantee is limited to the refund of your purchase price for the digital training program on investing.

  • The guarantee does not cover any other costs or losses incurred as a result of applying the learned strategies.

  • This guarantee is void if the program is not completed or if the strategies taught are not applied as directed within the one-year period.

Applicable on the following purchases: Investing 101 and Starter Pack (Includes all six (6) 101 digital trainings)

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Author: Randy Martin

Author: Randy Martin

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